Dat Ass Though.

Blessed you are with a beautiful ass,

That can’t be ignored every time you pass.

Right and left it sways when you move,

Smooth it looks like the fly of a dove.

Round and soft it wiggles as you move,

Just a view and my heart start to groove.

A song should be played at full volume and bass,

All but nothing about your round smooth ass.

p.s- The advantage of long distance relationship- your partner can’t murder you when you do (Write) such stuff 😛

– Shivesh Gupta

Fight :(

Small or light,

A fight is a fight.

We know it well,

it’s not right.

Gathering all its might,

It destroys us like a termite.

Love is there,

We know it right.

Then why we explode,

Every time like a dynamite.

When we both want,

To stay together till infinite.