“Dude WTF she Friend-zoned me!!”

Some people now days use this word as if it is some sort of derogatory slang. Seriously what happened to the good old days when being friend with a girl was a matter of pride and achievement and not something to be ashamed and be disgusted. Those times when a girl could call any guy her friend and she would not be tagged as some cold hearted bitch who throw every guy into “Friend-zone”. Think about some old movies (actually not that old), where the hero would go to crazy lengths and would do what not lunatic stuff to win the friendship of a girl. Almost every romantic movie of that time had one cheesy line “Will you be my friend…”. It was truly portrayed that friendship is like a launching pad of a good relationship. And if the friendship is good, your relationship will reach its goal as smoothly as Mangalyan reached Mars.

As per Urban dictionary’s ( definition of Friend zone-

Friend-zone is a state of being where a male inadvertently becomes a “platonic friend” of an attractive female who he was trying to initiate a romantic relationship with.”

So going by this definition one can safely assume that the guy who was trying to initiate a romantic relationship with a girl is fully aware of the fact that he might be rejected and thus after rejection there is bound to be some collateral damage. So there is no valid reason left for a guy to get all worked up when and if their proposal to initiate a romantic relationship is rejected by a girl.

There is a confusion among some guys that being into Friend-zone has something to do with being nice to girls. Often one can hear a guy saying that they were so nice towards a certain girl and despite of that they got friend-zoned. SERIOUSLY!!! So now people are actually so dumb to believe that girls did not get into a relationship with them because they were being “Nice” to them. Since when guys started being nice to girls because they want to get into a romantic relationship with them. My point here is that aren’t guys are supposed to be nice to girls in general? Isn’t that the right thing to do? Going by this logic every guy will be nice to only one (or to) girl who he wants to date! !!

How can one be “nice” when in reality he is expecting something in return for the fact that they are being nice to someone. And girls are not Santa Clause that they will give you the gift of being in relationship with you just because you are being nice to her. As if its a big favor being done to them by treating them nicely. Always remember the illusion being nice is a dangerous thing.

Why people get “friend-zoned”? Reality is that people who get friend-zoned are mostly those people who think girls are dumb! Trust me when I say this, the dumbest thing a guy can think is assuming and believing that girls are dumb. So next time when you compliment a girl do it genuinely, because she knows well that if your compliment is real or not. Most important fact that every guy should know about girls is that they are blessed with the super power of possessing “6th sense”. They can tell what your intentions are just by looking at your body language! What to do and how to tackle this? Simple use this to your benefit from day one. Be clear about your intentions. If you want to be her friend act accordingly and if you want to get into a relationship with her, behave and act accordingly! Giving mixed signals to girls will land you nowhere and in the long run you will end up friend-zoning yourself,

Internet has spoiled all of us. The term friend-zone is a relatively new term (coined in the November 3rd, 1994 episode of the American television sitcom FRIENDS) or as the internet says its an “Urban Lingo”. I have no idea what it was called earlier and neither do I have any replacement word for the same. S it can be assumed that this Friend-zoning is a very development and clearly a creation of internet. So there are high chances that just like every other creation of the internet this too is just a phase and will soon pass without leaving any traceable trace.

But God forbid what if this is not just a “phase”!! What if this demonic friend-zone is here to stay? Well then also its good because there is a simple solution for it. If you are friend-zoned use that as your launch pad. Positive and best part of getting friend-zoned is that you get all the Intel of a girls life, every secret will be revealed to you. So stay there, hibernate there, be like a terrorist’s sleeper cell and get to know her, guide her, steer her from assholes, and when the time is right, jump straight out friend-zone to her relationship-zone!! Isn’t this the right thing to do, isn’t this what “nice guys” do.

So see getting “friend-zoned” is not at all bad and neither is “Friend-zone” a bad place to be!! 🙂
Cheers to “FRIEND-ZONE”!!

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