“What is happiness?
Just sadness a little less.”

Writings of the Black Rose

What is happiness? 
Just sadness a little less.
Or maybe a chance, 
To party n dance.

As a matter of fact, 
Happiness is abstract.
Today’s sorrow
Can make you smile tomorrow.

Life is meant to smile, 
Leave aside your worries for a while.
Let the colours fly, 
Never may a soul cry.

To be happy is in your hand, 
Don’t wait for a reason grand.
Just look around you, 
Contented are very few.

Happiness needs no occasion, 
Its a game of positive vision.
It can change your life forever, 
And let you fall never.

I, myself smile a lot
I maybe happy, maybe not.
It doesn’t lessen your pain,
But, it does help you gain.

Its a contagious disease,
Let the virus release. 
Be the reason, for a while, 
Of someone’s precious smile.

You might have a frowning brow,
But don’t let your smile go.
Its one thing you can’t…

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