Leave me never.


Leave me if you will ever,

For a dude who is more clever.

Sad I will be then forever,

Recover I guess I will then never,

My tears will flow like river,

Emotions will go down the sewer.

So please do the thing that’s clever,

I beg you to leave me never.

-Shivesh Gupta


5 thoughts on “Leave me never.

  1. God alone can provide for you, of that I’m sure 🙂 And His love is more than you would ever need. And I hope that is something you always see. Cuz this life is not just about you or me, but God’s love, which never leaves. That I hope, you’d see.

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  2. Because why write of love when you can write of God above? Your talents and ability for the only God who sees? He likes to love the least of these 🙂 and open eyes to see 🙂 so that life would be happy! But only God could ever provide you the love He knows you need. Always to know His love first, was what I always hoped for thee 🙂

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