WHO AM i ?

A dude from Calcutta,

Which is now called Kolkata.

When not being crazy or moody,

I am a big time foodie.

Jack of all trades and master of few,

Achieve what I want from life is still far from due.

What I do I got no clue,

But talents I have quite a few.

Photos I can click really well,

But just as passion and not to sell.

Marathons also I love to run,

Can’t tell you how much in that is fun.

Studies I do most of the time,

Career is now topsy turvey but it will soon be fine.

Whose hugs feel like a warm soft fur,

The words here are all inspired from her.

I wish I could write more this way,

But now I am out of words to say.

Some say it’s a waste of time,

But I like to make everything rhyme.


17 thoughts on “WHO AM i ?

  1. Hey. I’ve got a suggestion for you.
    If you change the post settings of the posts like the category and add some tags then you’ll be able to reach out to more people. Try it n let me know if it works. Good luck. πŸ™‚

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