Not an excuse.

You say I don’t express my love anymore,

I didn’t know that we were keeping a score.

I might not say it a lot,

But in my head I repeat it non-stop.

So doesn’t matter I say it or not,

Remember you are all I have got.

I am not here to make any excuse,

Even from billion it’s you I’ll choose.

-Shivesh Gupta




Happy with her?

Asks she if I am happy with her,

Or is it is a never ending for me a suffer?

Don’t judge me by what I online post,

They are as insignificant as a French toast.

Leading life away from you is a bit scrappy,

Maybe that’s why I sometimes behave a little haughty.

This distance sure has a lot to yet teach,

But its infinity and beyond where we have to reach.

-Shivesh Gupta

Where are the good days?

Ask you always when good days will come?

Staying away from you is now getting tiresome.

Looking forward to the time that won’t be so blue,

The happiness we get is not much but few.

The solution is unknown and I got no clue.

But remember the happiness is not far from due.

So let’s do the thing we only can now do,

Stick together like like a strong powerful glue.

-Shivesh Gupta

Hey Soulmate…


I believe I am a little old school. I am not going to call you “Baby” or “Sugar” or “Bae” (-_-). Hell I don’t even consider you my girlfriend! Because what I feel when I am with you and what we both have together is definitely above any kind of vague titles or tags.
After so many heart breaks and after my heart being shattered into million pieces you still make me feel like I am falling in love for the first time. It sure feels like one of those cute school puppy romance.
When someone can love you this much and in return can make you love her so much you don’t call that woman your girlfriend, she is above that because that lady is your soulmate!
Why a soulmate? Well because relationship you can end, friendship you can break and pretty face you might forget! But someone tell me how can you even get separated from your soul. There us no way and there is some kind of magic in this universe that somehow in some crazy way gets you with the one who us meant for you the one who will make you love them like retard , the one with whom you can have a real and actual conversation , the one with whom you get to grow old with… the one who complete you as a human being!
God bless such soul God bless the soulmate!